Has anyone else noticed the wallpaper trend that we are very much enjoying? With instagram and etsy the wallpaper options are now endless with work from local artists all over creating their own designs. Three artists caught our eye recently and if you aren't already following them, you really should.


Photo from MyDomain

Photo from MyDomain

This floral print is by far our favorite but Ellie's designs are all sophisticated florals and perfect for that accent wall (or staircase) in your home. This isn't the floral print from your childhood bedroom. This is the upgrade!


Photo from  Mountain Plum

Photo from Mountain Plum

Samantha's wallpapers will brighten any room. And she designs it all, not just wallpaper. She is someone who has really taken advantage of the new era of social media, we found her on Instagram but she is also collaborating with brands all over the place and has a firm place in Etsy as well as sales directly on her website. Can't wait to see what she does next!


Photo by Brandon Barre

Photo by Brandon Barre

This London based #maker is one of our favorites! The geometric patterns are timeless and we can't get enough of the color combinations they play with. Our design ninja Shayna found one of their designs in a local bar in Valencia, Spain on her last trip. The same pattern as seen in this cozy living room above is so versatile in this local bar below. 


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